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National football teams (colorized photos)

French football players (USFSA) at the Olympic Games in Paris, 1900

Russian Empire, 1913 (thanks to Ricardo)

Netherlands - France, Amsterdam 1923

Soviet Union, 1926

Soviet Union, 1927

Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1928

Turkey - Egypt 1-7, May 28, 1928

Portugal - Argentina, 1928

Germany Olympic football team, 1928

Latvia - Lithuania 3-1, Riga 1929

Romania, 1930 (World Cup)

Belgium, 1930

World Cup Final, 1930

England - Spain, Highbury 1931

Netherlands, 1934 (World Cup)

Czechoslovakia,1934 (World Cup)

Argentina - Sweden, 1934 (World Cup)

Cuba - Romania, 1938 (World Cup)

Germany, 1938 (World Cup)

Brazil on its way to France 1938

The French President Albert Lebrun welcomes participants of the final match on the World Cup 1938

Dutch East Indies, 1938 (World Cup)

Nikolai Starostin, 1930s

Scotland, prewar photo

A friendly match, Bucharest - Berlin, 1939

France, 1939

A friendly game in Zagreb, Yugoslavia - Germany 2:0, 1940

Uruguay, 1942

Slovakia national team before 1943

Summer Olympics, London 1948

Korea - Mexico 5-3,  Champion Hill 1948

English national team for the first time at the World Cup, Maracana 1950

England - Hungary 3-6, 25 November 1953

Yugoslavia - France 1:0, 1954 (World Cup)

Israel, 1956

Germany - England 1:3, Berlin 1956

USA - Hapoel Tel Aviv, New York 1957

France - Iceland, 1957

Wales, 1958 (World Cup)

Billy Wright - Nikita Simonyan, 1958 (World Cup)

Tommy Troelsen, 50s

Soviet Union, European Nations Cup Final 1960

Brazil - Czechoslovakia 0-0, 1962 (World Cup)

Brazil - England, 1962 (World Cup)

Yugoslavia - Germany, 1962 (World Cup)

North Korea, 1966 (World Cup)

One of the biggest turn overs at the World Cup, Portugal's victory thanks to Eusebio's four goals 1966

Eusébio, 1966 (World Cup)

Jimmy Greaves, 1966 (World Cup)

Pickles, the dog that saved the World Cup, 1966

Soviet Union national football team at De Kuip stadium in Rotterdam, 1967

Hungary - Soviet Union 2-0, Budapest 1968

Georgi Asparuhov, Hristo Bonev, Dobromir Zhechev 1970 (World Cup)

George Best in National Teams jersey of Northern Ireland, circa 1970

Greece - Soviet Union, 1977

Yugoslavia - Spain, 1977

Terry Butcher, Kenny Sansom, Ray Wilkins, 1986 (World Cup)

Getty images

Colorized: Nikola Radulović

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  1. Hello!
    Photo "Russian Empire, 1913", the correct colors are red shirts.
    Photo "Nikolai Starostin, 1930s", the correct colors are light blue shirts.
    Excellent job!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, you are right about Nikolai Starostin's jersey, I will change that. As for the photograph from 1913 I would need some proof that the jerseys were red, such as a newspaper article, because I find it strange that the Russian Empire wore a red equipment at that time. You can email me at nikolaradulovic14@hotmail.com

  2. First off, you need to come up here with your own outside activities.

  3. Exellent colorized pictures...thanks for sharing...congrats!!!